Experiencing “Labour Pains”? Retention Tip #6

Wage Subsidy Programs – Take the pressure off and take advantage of government funding!

What if you didn’t have to take on the stress of paying out of pocket while you’re training a new employee?

How great would it be if you could have some financial assistance to help cover that cost?

It might take a little bit of elbow grease to get through the paperwork but at the end of the day, it’s worth it, and I’m here to help!

Wage Subsidy Programs have been around for a while and offer a variety of coverages for a variety of people.

I’m going to list a few with the links so that you can look and see if maybe there’s one that will work for you when hiring your next new employee, but feel free to reach out anytime with questions.

  1. START – This program is available to an employer when looking to hire an individual who is currently unemployed and seeking work experience with the intended outcome to be full time employment.  The potential employee must be unemployed or working under 20 hours with another employer.  Also lacking work experience in the given field of employment.
  2. Opportunities Fund – The Opportunities Fund is a wage subsidy available to employers when considering hiring a person who has disclosed having a disability and needing work experience.  This could be a part time position or full time.  Depending on the person and the position. The person can identify themselves without having to show proof with a doctor’s diagnosis.  Some examples of a disability are as follows but not limited to: ADHD, hearing loss, physical disability, learning disability, and mental health challenges.
  3. GTO Graduate to Opportunity – This wage subsidy is available to employers and is intended for hiring new graduates from a college or university training program and seeking employment in their chosen field of study.  They must have graduated within the past year leading up to your application.
  4. Apprenticeship START Program – This program is available to employers looking to hire an apprentice with the hope of supporting them through their apprenticeship journey with the assistance of the wage subsidy.
  5. JCP – Job Creation Partnership Eligible organizations include municipalities, band/tribal councils, public health and educational institutions, and community groups. Businesses may be eligible in limited circumstances.  This wage subsidy is intended for individuals who are collecting employment insurance and looking for work experience in their field.
  6. Atlantic Immigration Program The Atlantic Immigration Program is a pathway to permanent residence for skilled foreign workers and international graduates from a Canadian institution who want to work and live in 1 of Canada’s 4 Atlantic provinces—New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland and Labrador. The program helps employers hire qualified candidates for jobs they haven’t been able to fill locally.


This is a lot of information so if you want to chat about one particular program, please feel free to reach out to me.

Tracy Isenor