NS Workplace First Aid – Revisions for 2024

In Nova Scotia, first aid requirements for the workplace are covered under Part 4 of the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations (WHSR). Part 4 references two Canadian Standards Association (CSA) publications:

  • CSA Z1210 “First aid training for the workplace – Curriculum and quality management for training agencies” establishes minimum standards for first aid training
  • CSA Z1220 “First aid kits for the workplace” likewise establishes minimum requirements for the contents of first aid kits.

Both standards were revised and published in April 2024. Nova Scotia has adopted these standards as “ambulatory”, which means the latest version is automatically adopted under the regulations. As with all standards incorporated by reference (Section 1.6 Workplace Health and Safety Regulations), there is a four-month window in which both the old and new standards are acceptable for compliance with the regulations. The new standards must be followed after August 1, 2024.

Most of the changes in both standards apply primarily to providers of first aid training or suppliers of first aid kits. However, there are two changes that may have direct impact on first aid in the workplace – allowance for first aid refresher training and changes to first aid kit contents.

You can find the updated Workplace First Aid guide on their web site: . Workplace-First-Aid-A-Guide-for-Employers-and-First-Aiders.pdf (novascotia.ca) and the Workplace First Aid Revisions 2024: Workplace First Aid  Revisions for 2024