Meet the Program Instructors

Debbie Lawrence:

The President of Abundant Living Inc., Debbie Lawrence is a life & business coach. The author of “Standing In Your Light: Women and Entrepreneurship”, she is the former Director of the Professional Ethics Review Committee for the International Association of Coaches. Debbie also hosts The Compassionate Leader School Podcast and has been a long-time columnist for several publications including the Nova Scotia Business Journal. For the past 35 years she has gained valuable experience as a coach, teacher, consultant and facilitator. A former college principal, Debbie has worked with IBM Canada, Gulf Canada, various marketing agencies and was Vice President of KeyCorp Inc. before choosing to fully dedicate herself to her coaching practice. She is also the recipient of the NS Champion Ambassador Award for Workplace Education. Programs Include: Communications Skills for Leaders, Transformational Leadership Level 1 & 2, Strategic Marketing, Content Marketing, Performance Management, Coaching for Performance, Powerful Presentations Level 1 & 2, Presenting & Facilitating Online Like a Pro    

Jeff Brown:

As a Workplace Education instructor and Founder/CEO of Alpha Social Media Inc, Jeff Brown has delivered 8040 hours of Workplace Education since 2007.  Jeff has equipped hundreds of businesses and employees in Nova Scotia with the necessary skills they need to grow their businesses successfully. Workplace Education participants have learned how to incorporate technology into their business in a fun and enjoyable learning environment. The Workplace Education programs taught by Jeff Brown since 2007 include Social Media Level 1 & 2, WordPress Level 1 & 2, Microsoft 365, G Suite for Business, Microsoft Excel Level 1 & 2, Online Security, Working in the Cloud and Office Technology. Jeff is passionate about helping businesses do better. He believes that each company and employee helped makes a more robust Nova Scotia economy.      

Lynn MacKinnon:

Lynn MacKinnon grew up working in several family business in a variety of sectors. It is only natural that she pursues an independent path for herself. For over 30 years she has been the owner of MacKinnon Accounting, which at one time had multiple offices. Nearly 10 years ago Lynn was asked to consider teaching Financial Management and found a passion that has side-tracked her career. She will say that the passion of the business owners in her classes rekindle her love for business over and over again. It never grows old and she could not imagine any other path in life. Programs Instructed: Dollars and “Sense”, Dollars and “Sense” Plus, Sage 50, Quick Books Online, Wave Accounting, Business Skills for Growth and Profitibility,      

Jeff Ainslie:

Jeff has been in the manufacturing industry for over 30 years and has held various management and leadership/advisory roles with companies ranging from 22 employees to over 12,000 with multiple business units internationally. Jeff holds a Masters Lean Certificate through J.C. Savard and has a background in Six Sigma methodology and has recently achieved his Workplace Education Instructors Certification through the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education. His knowledge of applying Lean across all facets of business operations has provided him the opportunity to speak at numerous Consortiums such as EMC (Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium) and also at the PIA (Printing Industry of America) National Conference. Jeff has provided over 10,000 hours of technical and applied training in various industries across the continent. Program Instructed: Essential Productivity Skills