Experiencing “Labour Pains?” Retention Tip #5

Ghosted or Gifted?

Nobody shows up for an interview anymore!! What gives?

I’m sure that all of you have had the experience of being ghosted lately by a potential candidate who agreed to come in for an interview.  It seems to be a growing trend in our society right now.

We are in a unique situation where there has definitely been a shift in the employment world as far as supply and demand.

We are all fishing from the same pond and people have choices now and the opportunity to really explore different positions and roles and levels of compensation. And with that choice, you have people changing their minds midstream — it can be very frustrating.

A couple of ideas that might help. And I use the term “might” loosely.

1.    Some employers have a multi-step process leading up to the actual interview.  If you’re one of those employers, you might want to look at shortening that process so that you can get the individual in sooner.  My mother always said, “he who hesitates is lost”.

2.    Some individuals have “interview anxiety”, and this could be impacting the reason for a no-show.  Ask the prospective candidate how they like to interview? Would they like the questions ahead of time? Would they be more comfortable doing a working interview where they do some of the tasks associated with the job.  It’s all about options and comfort level.

3.    I have heard from some employers that they are offering a gift card to those who show up for the interview.  It’s a thought!  I know, it sounds like bribery, but hey, I call it incentive.

4.    It might also be worth mentioning while you have them on the phone that this is an opportunity for them to also interview you and to ask questions.  That it’s important for them to also feel comfortable. Tell them that you’re excited to meet them and looking forward to the interview.  It adds a personal touch and might put them at ease.

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