Monday Member Spotlight

Monday, February 27th, 2023

Liam and Ashley are the owners of Soaring Crane Sushi in Enfield. Starting with a small Valentine’s Day pop-up in 2021, they were grateful to then have the opportunity to rent kitchen space from Cup of Soul, a cozy local café in Elmsdale. From there they transitioned into the quirky and colorful food trailer that you see today, and eventually their own dine-in restaurant.

Liam and Ashley’s main goal when opening Soaring Crane Sushi was to support local and sustainable whenever possible. On the menu you’ll find a variety of local seafood options with a focus on sourcing sustainable products. Soaring Crane Sushi has a selection of food ranging from tempura appetizers, sushi rolls, salads, fried pork skins and more. On top of using local and sustainable products, another goal for Soaring Crane Sushi is to create a healthy work-life balance in the culinary industry.

Being mobile, they’ve been able to travel across the province to showcase their food at lots of great events. With even more ideas on the go, they’re looking forward to growing the business and bringing something different to the community in East Hants.