Business Excellence Awards 2018


Business of the Year

Recognizes overall excellence in business. Considerations include innovation, stability & resilience, support for community events and high quality customer service.

Chill Street Fresh Beer & Cider Market

President and Co-Owner Barry Macleod opened Chill Street Fresh Beer & Cider Market in June 2017, right inside the Elmsdale Sobeys. He believes Chill Street is that place we all go to step back, wind down, and reconnect with ourselves, our family, and our friends, to have a laugh, talk old times, share some great food, and just do nothing – our happy place! We offer fresh beer, cider, and non-alcoholic craft sodas, all brewed, canned, and labelled on-site in small batches.

In addition to top-quality products, we strive to provide exceptional customer service to everyone who walks through our doors, from regulars who feel like family to tourists who are just passing through. We love being part of the community of East Hants and are honoured to support a number of local events and organizations. We hope to play a small role in helping you enjoy what it truly feels like to chill and remember what’s important in life.

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New Business of the Year

Recognizes outstanding achievement as a new business. Considerations include company growth, introducing new products & services, sales & marketing initiatives and community service. This business would also show great potential for future success.

Boxmill Bakery & Cafe

BoxMill Bakery & Cafe opened on April 25th, 2018 in Enfield. They provide homemade baked goods and a cafe to serve a breakfast and lunch menu. They serve locally roasted coffee and display local art in their cafe gallery. BoxMill Bakery & Cafe is owned by Diane Klonaris who moved to Enfield in 2016. Diane really wanted to offer the community a service that was desired and when she saw an EHWTK Poll that a Bakery was at the top of the list of needs, it just seemed to make sense. She followed the heartbeat of the community, and when she learned the history of the area and the old Box Mill, BoxMill Bakery & Cafe was born.

Diane is very thankful to this community and those who have been so incredibly supportive. They grow and continue to grow with you, Thank You!

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Employer of the Year

Recognizes outstanding achievement as an employer. Considerations include employee relations & training, workplace culture & values, community involvement and constant encouragement for employees.

The Barn

The Barn is a Bootcamp style gym that offers customized programming, Personal training and over 130 Classes monthly for members. The Barn is a highly energetic fitness facility with a supportive following that has become a leader in the community for pursuing fitness goals.

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Business Person of the Year

Recognizes an individual who has shown outstanding ability to manage his or her business. Considerations include strong leadership, forward thinking and community involvement.

Barry MacLeod – Chill Street Fresh Beer & Cider Market

Born and raised in PEI, Barry has lived a blessed career having conducted business in over 47 countries in the seafood, golf and beer industry.The Chill Street concept arose from lessons learned in working with over 300 brewery start-ups. His vision was to launch a new concept and lifestyle brand that made craft beer unintimidating, accessible and with something for everyone. The concept has evolved and now includes ciders, craft sodas and merchandise, and a heavy focus on truly being an active part of the local community. Barry gets his greatest joy watching someone sampling the product for the 1st time, and then seeing each can & growler leaving the store with a happy customer, all the while knowing that the logo, the can, the label, the product’s flavor and the overall selections themselves all started as an idea on a blank piece of papertwo and a half years ago.

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Tom Parker Chamber Member of the Year

Recognizes an outstanding East Hants & Districts Chamber member for his or her hard work and dedication to the business community through volunteer work with regard to recreation and community improvements. * This is not a People’s Choice award. The recipient was chosen by the EHCC board of directors.

Tracy Isenor

Tracy Isenor has always enjoyed giving back to her community through various volunteer opportunities.She was an active fundraiser when employed at The Grace Maternity Hospital and during her children’s years in school, Tracy’s efforts helped establish annual events which resulted in a new playground, the Fall Harvest and the Christmas Shopping Day.Tracy was also active with the Shu-Mil 4H club and more recently as a public speaking judge. Tracy served on the board for the Enfield Earthkeepers and is now an active Board member, 2nd Vice President and Think Local First committee chair for the EHCC.

Tracy and her committee worked tirelessly to create Open East Hants Day which just celebrated it’s third year of success. Most recently she assisted with the Country Harvest Festival where the focus is on celebrating agriculture and farming in East Hants. Tracy says she will continue to volunteer in her community and is committed to encouraging others to see not only their own potential but the potential of their community.

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Futureworx presents: Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion

Futureworx values the diversity of our community and workforce and believe in “helping people reach their full potential”. In honour of their 21st year of supporting the diverse employment needs and people of East Hants and surrounding communities, they wish to recognize an employer whom enables employees to bring their whole selves to the workforce and tap into their full potential with the “Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award-2018”. * This is not a People’s Choice award. The recipient was chosen by Futureworx.

Sobey’s Elmsdale

Sobey’s Elmsdale has demonstrated through hiring practices and community work, that they align with Futureworx’s values on diversity and inclusion:

  • Able to demonstrate and be accountable for an ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Equitably represent the community they serve
  • Be an inclusive and respectful environment for their clients, stakeholders, and employees
  • Be a culturally competent workforce that values diversity and inclusion

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Businesswoman of Distinction

Recognizes the hard work of an East Hants businesswoman and their contributions to the community. The Businesswoman of Distinction award provides a platform to seek out successful and talented achievers and visionaries to help further the dialogue of equality in the workplace. This individual must show proven business acumen, outstanding leadership skills, notable achievements in her area of expertise and exemplary community involvement.

Pam McNeill – Cup of Soul

Even at a very young age food was an important part of Pam McNeill’s life. Not just for sustenance but for the whole experience. Her grandfather had the most beautiful vegetable and flower gardens, growing enough root vegetables to provide for the family during the winter months. There were apple, cherry and plum trees accompanied by gooseberry and blueberry bushes. Her family made every meal without processed food except for the odd pantry cookie slathered in butter with a cold glass of Allen’s grape juice.

These memories have stayed with Pam, and the desire to bring back her sustainable roots, inspired her to open the café in 2010. The Cup of Soul Cafe serves homemade breads, treats and uses local meats and produce in their meals. It’s all around real food, wrapped up in a brown paper bag, with friendly service.

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Young Entrepreneur

Recognizes a person who is under the age of 40 and has demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit. Considerations include leadership, dedication, resilience, initiative and innovation.

Terri-Lynn Warren – Terri-Lynn Warren Photography

Terri-Lynn from Terri-Lynn Warren Photography registered her business at the age of 19 in 2011. It quickly flourished into a full-time business that continues to grow to this day. Terri-Lynn captures timeless photographs that emulate joy and beauty for clients across the province and beyond. Located in Enfield, Nova Scotia, services include Wedding and Portrait Photography such as engagement photos, family photos, business promotional photos, and more. Terri-Lynn’s clients not only rave about the pictures she takes but also about her personality and service. She is enthusiastic, personable, professional, and driven.

Terri-Lynn is sure to put a genuine smile on your face both during the photo session and while looking at the resulting pictures.

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Excellence in Skilled Trades

Recognizes a business or individual(s) showing excellence in the trade industry by demonstrating trade skills development, quality craftmanship, outstanding customer service, excellence in innovation and community involvement.

S.B. Tirecraft Auto Centre

If you’re looking for a dependable, honest, and professional opinion on your vehicle, S.B. Tirecraft is proud to provide you with just that. Started by Scott Blois as Scott Blois Automotive, the business has evolved into S.B. Tirecraft Auto Centre and has welcomed new co-owner Mike White to the fold. The business continues to offer a wide range of vehicle repairs, maintenance and treatment options, as well as fair and affordable prices on many brand name tires. With nine service bays, including a Castrol Quick Lube Service bay, S.B. Tirecraft is one of the largest automotive service locations in the area.

Whether it’s your first time visiting the shop or you’ve been there many times, our goal is to make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. We pride ourselves not only on our exemplary service but also on our relationship with the community we serve.

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Restaurant of the Year

Recognizes a restaurant in the East Hants & districts area that serves a consistent quality and excellence in food, atmosphere and service. Eligible restaurants must have been in operation for five or more consecutive years.

The Cup of Soul Cafe

Even at a very young age food was an important part of Pam McNeill’s life. Not just for sustenance but for the whole experience. Her grandfather had the most beautiful vegetable and flower gardens, growing enough root vegetables to provide for the family during the winter months. There were apple, cherry and plum trees accompanied by gooseberry and blueberry bushes. Her family made every meal without processed food except for the odd pantry cookie slathered in butter with a cold glass of Allen’s grape juice.

These memories have stayed with Pam, and the desire to bring back her sustainable roots, inspired her to open the café in 2010. The Cup of Soul Cafe serves homemade breads, treats and uses local meats and produce in their meals. It’s all around real food, wrapped up in a brown paper bag, with friendly service.

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Professional Services Business of the Year

Recognizes outstanding achievements while exemplifying professionalism and integrity. Considerations include superior customer service, market development and community service. This category includes, but is not limited to, law, accounting, financial, insurance and real estate.

PROTx Services

PROTx Services is a multi-disciplinary health clinic in Elmsdale. We provide physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage therapy services. We opened our doors in 2015 and have not looked back. We have more than doubled in size the past 3 years and are focusing on future growth in this great community. We are thrilled to be able to serve the residents of East Hants community. Our professional team offers a combination of practical experience, compassionate approach, and the best customer service possible.

Our mission at PROTx is “Community First”. We strive to be an active, valued and respected member of the community. We provide a welcoming environment that offers professional therapy services which encourages and supports our clients to achieve optimum health and wellness. PROTx is proud to be part of such an amazing business community. Thank you EHCC!

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Top Tourism Business

Recognizes businesses that have a key role in raising awareness and improving the tourism and hospitality industry in East Hants and surrounding areas.

Tidal Bore Rafting Resort

The Tidal Bore Rafting Resort in Urbania is honored and grateful to have been nominated for this year’s top tourism business award!Since acquiring the business in October 2015, owners Licia and Steve Elder along with their new management have worked hard to deliver a world class experience. They have the highest level of safety, and best value at the largest tidal bore rafting company in the world.The TBRR hosts thousands of rafters and overnight visitors per year from all over the world in 4-star cottages and chalets along with numerous special events (weddings, corporate events, family reunions).

The TBRR team is proud to have restored business profitability, introduced guest-centric changes, and to have re-employed over 20 East Hants residents.This year, they opened their doors to the 2018 Open East Hants Day alongside partners Catering Unlimited, Chill Street, Homestead Lavender, and plan to offer this again in the years ahead to help East Hant’s contribution to Nova Scotia’s tourism mission.

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Outstanding Customer Service

Recognizes an individual(s) who has shown consistent, ‘above and beyond,’ customer service to customers while providing their product or service.

Sheila Wentworth – Robin’s Donuts

Any morning looks brighter after a cheery greeting from Sheila Wentworth at Robin’s Donuts in Enfield. Regular customers look forward to Sheila’s positive attitude and contagious smile, knowing it will start their day right every time. Sheila remembers her customers and makes them feel valued. She even recognizes her regular customers just from their voices and she remembers how they take their coffee.

In her twelve years at Robin’s, Sheila has mentored many young people on their first job, teaching them about – you guessed it – great customer service.

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Non-profit of the Year

Recognizes an outstanding non-profit or charitable organization that has achieved excellence by significantly contributing to the overall quality of life within the community. Considerations include programming and/or activities, environmental stewardship, education and innovation.

East Hants Family Resource Centre

The East Hants Family Resource Centre is a registered charity that nurtures and supports family life in the Corridor area of East Hants through free quality programs. It sounds simple; every family needs support at some time, regardless of age, race, number of children, or financial status. But it’s also complex. Family life has never been more stressful or complicated than it is now.

Since 2012, we’ve grown from helping 200 families annually to more than 700 individual families last year. Along with friendly faces and listening ears, the EHFRC provides a place to be and a place to belong. Among our 25+ programs: the area’s only free prenatal class, outdoor play programs, a clothing/diaper cupboard, cooking classes, positive discipline classes, 3 Roots of Empathy programs, a breastfeeding support group, family literacy programs and mental health supports for mothers. We also work with and refer to other local organizations.

Award presented by:

Marketing Leader

Recognizes the value of marketing and has successfully developed and executed an integrated marketing campaign to help promote their business, products, and services.

Chill Street Fresh Beer & Cider Market

Chill Street Fresh Beer & Cider Market is a craft brewery that offers beer, cider, and non-alcoholic craft sodas, all brewed, canned, and labelled on-site in small batches. In just over a year, President and Co-Owner Barry Macleod has expanded Chill Street products from the brewery and retail store in the Elmsdale Sobeys to a number of local farmers’ markets, restaurants, pubs, and golf courses, with a marketing campaign that reaches much further. Between our unique loyalty membership program, our active social media presence, and our involvement in community events, everyone’s hearing the word on the street – Chill Street, that is!

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Home-Based Business Excellence

Recognizes a home-based business that demonstrates a high level of product or service quality, branding, customer service and marketing.

Barn Lifewear

Barn Lifewear is Nova Scotia’s newest Country clothing line. Established in Hants County by Bryan Gillis, BLW represents community, appreciation, hard work and country living. The brand has quickly caught the attention of Nova Scotia’s rural communities and has already taken on roles such as sponsoring the Hants County Exhibition. The logo itself was designed by a close friend of Bryan’s, who felt that it was important to include “Hants County” into the logo.

Barn Lifewear sells Hats, Hoodies, Tanks and T-shirts. All of our products are designed in Canada and can be purchased online at or at the BoxMill Cafe in Enfield, Nova Scotia. Over the next year, BLW will be looking to grow in different communities across Nova Scotia and will hopefully have 4-5 more retail locations for easier accessibility of the clothing.

Award presented by:

Community Booster

Recognizes a business or organization that is a strong supporter of East Hants & Districts many festivals, community organizations, sports groups and events. Considerations include enthusiastic promotion of community projects & donations of products or services to community events.

Leno Ribahi

Leno’s Stop Shop has been a focal point of Elmsdale for 27 years. He not only has ‘the convenience store with more’, but is the ‘go to’ person when you need something. Strong customer service, is the #1 priority for Leno. He has raised money for a Cancer charity by shaving his head, provided Christmas lunch for 15 years to a local school, recently donated a 3-D printer to the Elmsdale Library and is a founding member of HEART Society (Hants East Assisting Refugees Team). This society has raised enough funds to assist three Syrian families to re-settle in East Hants. Leno is always there for fellow business owners to sell their local products in his shop, sponsoring fundraisers through donations and even fed the hungry birds of East Hants one snowy winter.

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Gala Partnerships:

It takes many dedicated partners to support a wonderful evening of celebration. We thank the following for their committed support for the 2018 Gala:

Brannen’s Service Center
Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)
Burchell MacDougall Lawyers
Caldwell Roach
Chill Steet Fresh Beer & Cider Market
East Coast Credit Union
Elmsdale Vision Centre
English Law
groundSOUND Inc.
Halifax Stanfield International Airport
Leno’s Stop Shop
Morgan’s Transport Refrigeration Services
Municipality of East Hants
Oakfield Golf & Country Club
RBC Elmsdale
Scotiabank Elmsdale
Sweet Spot Chocolate Shop
Theriault Financial

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