Lunch & Learn – Human Resources

Lunch & Learn- November 18th, 12-1pm

Human Resources with HR on the GO! If you are an owner with one or more employees you won’t want to miss this!

Sobeys Community Room, Elmsdale.

$12- lunch included

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Join us! Brewing Business on the Patio @CurlyPortable Thur, Sep 28 at 6pm. #RelaxedNetworking. See our events here


PROTX has quickly become a valued business in our community! #ehccgala Details:

It's no surprise that McNeill's Shell is a Employer of the Year finalist! #ehccgala

We are excited to have Theriault Financial come on board as Promotion Sponsor this year! #ehccgala

A shout out to Shooter's for being a Community Booster award finalist! #ehccgala More info:

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